The Baby Abode Multi-Purpose Covers

There are a bunch of different multi-purpose covers out there, I even own a few, but I wanted to share my favorite of them all from The Baby Abode.

The first great thing I noticed about my cover from The Baby Abode is that it is extra stretchy, and because of that I could easily fit it over our different car seats.


Another reason why I love The Baby Abode‘s multi-use cover is that it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t make me, or even Owen hot when I use it as a nursing cover. The cover is very soft, and the fabric is breathable.


And because of how stretchy it is, Owen is able to freely move under the cover, with enough space for both of us to be comfortable, which is so important to me. I don’t want to feel restrained while nursing, so to have a cover over me that’s tight and restricts my movement is a big problem! The Baby Abode‘s cover’s stretchiness is a huge plus!


I also love all the different designs The Baby Abode offers! The one I have is their Tie-Dye one, how adorable is it? Plus, this cover provides 360-degree coverage, so I am able to wear anything I want and still be able to nurse without having to worry about pulling a regular/non-nursing shirt up and exposing my whole stomach, or pulling a nursing tank top down and exposing more cleavage than I’d like to show, lol! This is another huge plus for me because cute nursing clothes are very hard to find, so to be able to wear my regular clothes is awesome! No stressing out about having to wear the same things all the time!


The Baby Abode‘s covers can also be used as an infinity scarf and a shopping cart cover. Because Owen is too little, I haven’t taken him out yet, but I will definitely be using our cover as an infinity scarf to use as a cute accessory and a shopping cart cover when I finally get to go to Target again haha! 🙂

Make sure to check out The Baby Abode‘s multi-use covers, and use code “BUMPTOBABY10” when checking out to save 10% off your whole purchase, with free first class shipping. 🙂

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