Happy 1st Birthday, My Baby Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy!

Today Mommy woke up sad because she had to leave you to go to work. I really wish I had the day off so I could just hang out with you all day and take you to do fun things.

We just got back from Disney so it was hard to get an extra day off, but soon I will be home for 3 weeks where we can enjoy my Spring Break together!

It’s hard to believe that you are already one! Everything about my pregnancy and your first year flew by so quickly! 🙁

The Terrible Two’s

Ugh! So it looks like The Terrible Two’s are here! Man and is it HARD!

Emma has always been a super sweet girl, she has been calm and an all around happy child. Polite, respectful and fun, but oh my gosh the tantrums have begun!

Now, I’m not saying that Emma isn’t sweet or happy anymore, that’s not it at all! When she is in a good mood she’s herself, but lately when she doesn’t get her way she LOSES IT!