Owen’s PAWesome Party!

Owen’s 2nd Birthday Party was amazing!
He had such a good time and so did all his little friends! 🙂
Check out the full blog post to read more about Owen’s special day and see everyone who helped us make his party successful!

National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

This year for “National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day” I decide to celebrate by making art with my littles! 🎨❤️
As a creator myself, there’s nothing better than seeing my little one’s imaginations and creativity shine through.
And even though not all of their art projects come out as I pictured it, they are always imperfectly perfect! ✨

Keepin’ it Real With Baby Dove

Bath time is one of the best times at our house! Both kids LOVE the bath!
It’s actually harder to get them to get out of the tub than it is to get them in.
I am so glad that we have Baby Dove to keep Owen’s and Emma’s skin soft and moisturized through these long bath times.

Our Little Lake House

We had SO MUCH FUN on our trip to Orlando to visit Mickey and go to his Not So Scary Event! We were so lucky to stay at a beautiful Little Lake House right by the parks. Our Little House is named Serenity Lake House, it is owned by Sarah and Ken, who are the…

Introducing Solids to Baby!

It’s crazy how different each baby is, and how different your experiences will be with each little one. I was blessed to be able to nurse both of my kids up to 6 months (and beyond), when I finally decided to start introducing solids to them. Emma was easy. Right away she LOVED trying different…

Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats

I wanted to tell you about my new favorite treats – Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats! These DELICIOUS treats are so easy to make and they are ready fast! Emma has been extra independent lately! She loves doing things herself and LOVES helping me around, basically copying everything I do – LOL! She was SO EXCITED…

Sam’s Club Baby Bundle

It’s amazing how much stuff one little person needs! Wouldn’t it be great if you could save money by purchasing all your babies needs at once?
What if I told you that you can?
Now at Sam’s Club you can do just that with the Sam’s Club Baby Bundle which includes:
Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, AVEENO Baby Bath and Shampoo, Similac Formula and Disney Baby Ecos Laundry Detergent