Upbra – My New FAVORITE Bras!

I have to add the disclaimer that “this post is sponsored by Upbra” but oh my gosh, I mean every single word in this blog post! I am in LOVE with these bras!!!!

I was sent the Upbra® Convertible Bra in solid black. I love the convertible bra because I can add or remove the straps. I have had such bad luck finding a great strapless bra that keeps my breasts up and doesn’t require me to constantly adjust my bra and/or top.

You can notice the difference right away between a regular bra and the Upbra.
The pictures on the left show me wearing a “regular” strapless bra, and the pictures on the right show me wearing my awesome Upbra® Convertible Bra:

You can tell by the shape and how “lifted” my breasts are with the Upbra® Convertible Bra! And you can even see in the pictures how I look so much more confident wearing the Upbra® Convertible Bra.

The Upbra® Convertible Bra gives you amazing cleavage and lift that you control because of their patented Active Lift System within the cups. It is so comfortable, you can wear it all day. The straps can be worn any way you want for most any outfit, but this bra is meant to be worn with at least one of the straps on. Check it out below:

Here are some comparison pictures with a lighter top on, again, “regular” bra on left,Upbra® Convertible Bra on the right:

I am so happy with my Upbra® Convertible Bra, I wear it all the time! I’m so glad that I was able to find a bra that fits perfectly on me and makes me feel extremely confident!

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