VIVO on Netlfix

Our family had the chance to watch a preview of the new Netflix Film “Vivo” and oh my goodness we LOVED it!!!

We were invited to the event to cover it on my Instagram, but I wanted to blog about it because I truly loved the movie and we had such a fun night as a family that I wanted to record this memory for the kids to look back at and remember!

Before watching the movie we got to be a part of an awesome event, where we had a BLAST making slime, eating yummy food & treats, decorating our own maracas and more!
They had a taco truck, a grilled sandwich truck, a mango smoothie cart and a churros & ice cream truck.
They also had a popsicle stand where we got to pick a popsicle, a dip and toppings.

Seriously, no shortcuts were taken at this event, everything was amazing!

Now for the movie, OMG! I was crying a few minutes in, haha!
The story is so cute and so are the characters.
Lin-Manuel Miranda voices Vivo the monkey, who is the main character and it was so funny to hear his voice as someone else other than Alexander Hamilton – the kids and I are obsessed with the show and we listen to the soundtrack on repeat over here so we were laughing about it in the beginning of the movie.

I don’t want to spoil the movie so I won’t talk about it much, but just know that it’s adorable and the music is so good! We were all dancing in our chairs!

The kids loved watching a movie on a big screen outdoors – looks like we will have to do that more often!

Make sure to catch VIVO on Netflix!

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