Thankful for my Babies

Emma Elizabeth
I’m thankful for your creativity and how much you remind me of myself as a kid!
I’m thankful that you’re my Bestie, and I hope that you’ll always give me that title!
I’m thankful that you’re my first born – I’m growing up with you and learning so much with you!

Owen James
I’m thankful for your sweetness, and the way you love your Mommy!!
I’m thankful for your your bravery, you’re my rollercoaster buddy, and always down for an adventure!
I’m thankful you’re mine!

Nina Isabella
I’m thankful for all the extra happiness you bring to our family!
I’m thankful for your giggles and sweet voice, and those chubby cheeks I love to kiss!
I’m thankful God gave me another Baby Girl, the third baby I prayed for, for so long!!!

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