Easy & Quick Holiday Appetizers with Ritz Crackers

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We are throwing a little Christmas Party with Emma and Owen’s Friends and I am in charge of the appetizers, so I took the time to practice and make them early to see how they would come out!

I decided to make 3 of them using RITZ CrackersWheat Thins and Philadelphia Cream Cheese as our main products.

I did all my shopping at Walmart, they have an awesome rollback offer for the Family Size RITZ Crackers – on Rollback for just $2.98!

Christmas Tree Cheese, Cracker & Meat Platter

What You’ll Need:
Wheat Thins
Cheese Slices
Meat of Choice
Cherry Tomatoes
Spinach Leaves
Cookie Cutter

This platter was super easy to make!
You just take all the items you need and lay them out on the platter.
I took a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out the star on top of the tree – I think it’s a cute touch!

Cream Cheese and Raisin Snowmen

What You’ll Need:
Ritz Crackers
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Cheese Slice

This is another quick appetizer to make, and adorable!
I just took the Ritz Crackers and spread the Philadelphia Cream Cheese on them.
I added raisins as the snowmen eyes and buttons, then I cut a little corner of cheese to add a nose.
Finally I just scraped some cream cheese to make the mouths.

Pepperoni & Cheese on Crackers

What You’ll Need:
Ritz Crackers
Cheese Slices
Cookie Cutters

This appetizer is definitely the easiest and the most simple, but my kids LOVE it so I had to include it in our party appetizer list.
Emma calls it “cold pizza” because it’s kind of like a pizza!
You just lay out the crackers, put pepperoni slices on top – or any meat you’d like!
Then with the cookie cutters I cut different holiday shapes out of the cheese and voila!

Like I mentioned above, I did all my shopping at Walmart, they have an awesome rollback offer for the Family Size RITZ crackers – on Rollback for just $2,98.

Being a busy mom it’s so nice to be able to come up with quick and easy entertaining recipes!
Do you have any favorite recipes to share?
Let me know below!

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