My “New” Job…

Ever since I became a mom I always dreamed of being able to spend more time with my kids.
I was super lucky to have my mom to watch Emma all day while I was at work since she was 8 weeks old!
Maternity leave was short, being a teacher I didn’t want to be absent in the classroom for too long, and so I only took 8 out of my 12 weeks off.

When I became pregnant with Owen over the summer, I did the math and figured out that if I took my 12 weeks, along with Spring Break, I would leave for my maternity leave and only return for the end of the year.

My second maternity leave was very different than the first.
Not only did I now have 2 kids under 2, I was also teaching older kids – I went from 2nd Grade to 5th Grade – and I knew that it was going to be easier on the big kids when I left, so I felt more comfortable taking my 12 weeks.
Owen was born one week early, so my maternity leave was not fully planned like it was with Emma, but in the end it all worked out!
I went back to finish off the school year, I got to see my students bridge to Middle School and party with them at their end of the year dance, and then it was summer time!

That whole summer my heart hurt.
I didn’t want the summer to end!
I knew that when school started I would go to bed and not see my kids until I got home the next day.
It was hard, but I accepted it and that was that.

I was so lucky to be in a team with some of the best people I know.
Going to work was much easier because I knew that there I had my own little “work family” that I loved, and that loved me right back.
I loved my team, I loved my students and I had accepted the fact that I was a working mom.

Fast forward to a couple of months, my mom broke the news to me that she couldn’t watch my kids full time anymore.
It was too much for her, and so I had to figure something out.
I talked and talked and talked to her and we made a deal that I could finish off the school year, and then I would figure something out.

School year was over, and here I was looking for childcare.
I was determined to find a school for the kids because I wanted to keep my job.

After searching for a while and finding some schools that were a clear no – I found the perfect school!
I loved the school, the teachers I met were sweet, I liked the curriculum, the reviews, and I was so excited!
That was until they handed me their rates sheet.

OH MY GOSH – childcare for 2 kids 2 and under is EXPENSIVE!!!

Jaime and I sat down, did some math, and financially it didn’t make sense for me to go back to work.
I would be pretty much working to pay for my kids to go to school, when I could instead just stay home with them myself.
And so that is what we decided to do.

Quitting my job was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do – ever!
I was sad because I didn’t want to quit my job, I was already ok with the fact that I was a working mom.
The thought of giving up my position in a team that I love made me sick to my stomach, it was really hard.
It was going to be my 7th year at my school!

The worst part was having to call my principal, who I love, to break the news to her.
She was so kind to work with me through this “limbo” I was in while looking for a preschool, and I hated having to feel like I was letting her down.

So, let me tell you about my “new” job… I am – a Stay at Home Mom!
#MomLife is right – Mom Life all day every day now!

Where are my Stay at Home mamas at?
I will be needing all the tips and tricks to make our days easier!
Leave me a comment below! <3

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