“Mommy Summer Camp” with Owen

This dude is an “only child” for 8 hours a day this summer.. Can you tell he’s finally having fun?!

The first 2 days away from his sister while she’s at school for the summer were hard, but I’ve been trying my hardest to make sure he has a good time!

It’s been so rainy and gross everyday, but today we went to the park to meet up with one of my good friends Kaitlin & her kiddos, and Owen had the BEST time playing with them!
Tomorrow morning we are going to her house for breakfast and a play date, then after we pick Emma up from school we are meeting up with our besties to celebrate a great first week of VPK for Emma and “Mommy Summer Camp” for Owen!

I cannot believe that this fall they’re BOTH going to school and I’ll be home all alone!
I know I’ll be able to get soooo much work done while I’m solo, but dang it I’m already crying about how much I’ll miss them!

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