How I Feel About Creepers

So I got some disturbing emails yesterday which led me to making a post on Instagram.
I wanted to share it here too for my blog readers to read. Social Media can be a scary place!
This picture is for all the creepy people out there who ruin stuff for everyone else.
My husband is livid because I got some really creepy emails from a guy, talking about how he loves my belly and to write him back and he hopes its not creepy.
First of all, YES! Yes dude you are sooooo creepy! Do you really think that I’m going to write you back when you are acting like a total stalker? My husband is about to send your information to the police because he’s so pissed and freaked out!
I understand I’m the one who made this account, and I understand I’m the one making a choice to post pictures, but at the same time, I do not appreciate stuff like that from men! I have been with my husband for 8 years, I am happily married, where’s the respect?
The whole point of this account (and blog) was to connect with other moms and moms to be, and I don’t mind any followers as long as you’re respectful! There’s a certain line you don’t cross.
With that said I spent the last 45 minutes blocking people, I’ve lost over 400 followers because I just went block crazy! Anyone who followed thousands of people but had 0 pictures and 0 followers got blocked, a lot of guys got blocked even for no reason, if you had pictures but they were all internet pictures you were blocked, I don’t even care!
I’m also posting this to make my fellow mom friends aware, look through your follower list, get rid of people! It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about WHO is following you! I’m seriously considering deleting this profile and my blog, which breaks my heart because 99.9% of my experience on this account has been positive. I’ve made some amazing friends who I hope to keep for a lifetime!
Thank God this creepiness only happened once, but I don’t want it to happen ever again, once is enough! Get a clue creeps!!!

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