Toddler Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

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This year Emma is finally able to tell us what she wants for Christmas! 🙂
She told Santa that she wants a “bunny toy” lol! I have no idea what a “bunny toy” is! I tried asking her what color it is, what it does and she couldn’t give me details, so I ended up just finding a cute, realistic looking bunny on Amazon and got it for her. Hopefully she will like it! 🙂

Besides the “bunny toy“, here are a few of my favorite things for Christmas this year:

Number 1 on the list HAD to be the Cinemood! This little gadget is amazing and Emma & Owen are definitely NOT the only ones using it, haha! Mom and Dad love it too! 🙂 The Cinemood is a 3 inch portable Smart Projector that is kid-friendly with their easy directional button controls. It projects images over 12-feet, from HD 1080p resolution. No connection to computer or wall outlet is needed, so you can literally take it anywhere! You can even connect Netflix to it! Hello!! Best gift ever?!

I fell in love with the dollhouse from the Hearth & Hand Collection when I saw it online. Seeing it in person made me like it even more, and as soon as the line went live I rushed to buy it online, worried that it would sell out! This dollhouse is gorgeous! I love that it has a classic look and nice colors, definitely not an eyesore, haha!

Emma is such a “mommy”! She loves baby dolls, and loves to take care of them. She “feeds” them and puts them to sleep, it’s adorable! I have been wanting to get her a Baby Alive for a long time, and I can’t wait to see her reaction when she has to change the baby’s diaper hahahaha! To go along with her love for baby dolls, I added a doll high chair and cradle to her list too! I love the ones I found from KidKraft!

This Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Storage is one of the coolest kid things I have ever found!!! Not only do the kids get to have a bean bag to lounge on, it also stores all of their stuffed animals! Now, I will admit that I am not a fan of stuffed animals, at all! Emma and Owen barely have any! But the stuffed animals they do have usually end up all over the house or thrown on the floor.. I seriously LOVE this bean bag and I can’t wait to put it to use on Christmas Day!

 Emma is building quite the dress up clothes collection, so I wanted something cute and practical to store it all. I found this adorable “organizer” (?) to keep everything nice and neat together! It has a mirror on the side and space for shoes or boxes. I love it!

When Emma went to her friend Gracie’s house she fell in LOVE with these Water Wow coloring pads. Emma loves to color! She has a bunch of Color Wonder books and markers, but she was in awe of these Water Wow books! You fill the little brush with water, and the water makes the pages come “to life” with colors! Then when the pages dry, the colors go away, and you can color all over again! So awesome, and super cheap! These keep Emma busy for a long time!

I got Emma a cow Farm Hopper as an early gift and she is all over it, lol! She loves to hop on it and already told me that she wants the pink pig and the gray bunny too! 🙂

What did you get your toddler for Christmas? Did you get any of the same things I did?
Let me know below! 🙂

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