Nina is 1!

My baby is ONE!!!

I cannot believe that my little baby is already ONE! This last year flew by so so fast!!! 🥺

Nina is the happiest, smiliest baby! She loves to clap, play peekaboo, and say hip hip hooray! 🤗

She LOVES food and if she sees you eating something, you better be ready to share it with her! 😅 And we made it to ONE YEAR OF BREASTFEEDING EXCLUSIVELY!! 🙌🏼🤱🏻

She has 5½ teeth, she can say dada, baba(mama), bye bye, uh oh, gog(dog), and some other baby words that sounds like she’s trying to say the real words!

She loves to go to Babies Rock with Miss Sue and her friends, and watch Miss Rachel’s Song for Littles, and clap along to her favorite songs like “I’m So Happy”, “Up & Down”, “The Wheels on the Bus” and more. 🎶 She dances and claps along to music, and she loves a good beat! 🎵

She is crawling, pulling up, standing up, and attempting to take some steps. You cannot leave her unattended cause she is on the move! 🤪

Her favorite toys are Little People and anything that plays sounds or lights up! ✨

We are so happy that she came to truly complete our family! We all love her so so much, she makes our days sweeter and we are all obsessed with OUR baby!

Thank you God for blessing us with Nina. We cannot imagine life without her! 💗

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