Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats

I wanted to tell you about my new favorite treats – Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats!
These DELICIOUS treats are so easy to make and they are ready fast!

Emma has been extra independent lately! She loves doing things herself and LOVES helping me around, basically copying everything I do – LOL!
She was SO EXCITED when I told her that she could help me make an afternoon treat today!

After Baby Brother went down for his nap, Emma got to stay up with Mommy for an extra hour just so we could enjoy each other, one on one.
I must admit that I miss those days where it was just her and I, so I try really hard to make special alone time for each one of my littles.

Emma LOVED being able to pour the packs into the mug, but I did have to help her with the measuring of the water and then we mixed together!
She loved being able to help make the Mug Treats, she was so proud of herself and kept telling Daddy that she did it! 🙂

See Emma showing you 1? Seriously, in 1 minute you get the perfect treat for you to eat! 🙂

With just one mug and one minute, we get to enjoy a warm, delicious sweet treat!
Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats are single-serve, portioned for one, so I won’t have an entire cake or a big pan of brownies sitting around to tempt me, which let’s be honest, if I see it, I eat it!
And because all you need is a mug and a spoon to enjoy, cleaning up is soooo easy! All I had to do was rinse the mugs and spoons and pop them in the dishwasher!
No having to clean up mixing bowls, mixing tools and pans.
No cracking eggs and getting flour everywhere to make a cake! It’s perfect for parents!

All 4 flavors, come with yummy toppings that come in the box and make our cakes (and brownie) extra delicious!

After putting Emma to bed I got to enjoy my own Mug Treat (or two) as I caught up on my favorite TV Shows.
Time with your little ones is very important, but Mommy Time is just as important!
As parents we are always focused on our kids and their needs that sometimes we forget to reward ourselves.
To me, being able to relax on the couch, watching an adult show (no Puppy Dog Pals for once!) and enjoying a warm, delicious, sweet treat all to myself is a must sometimes!

Thank you so much to Betty Crocker for sending us your amazing Mug Treats! Every single one was delicious!


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