Emma’s Cake Smash Session

I cannot believe that Emma is 15 months today!
Time is flying, and although seeing baby pictures of her makes me teary eyed, I love every second of Toddler Emma.
She is such a good girl! Seriously, I am extremely lucky!
Being in childcare for the last 11 years, I’ve dealt with a lot of kids, especially toddlers in my early days, so I know that I’m not biased when I say that my kid is a good one haha!

With the exception of eating, (ugh!) there is really nothing I can complain about so far into our 15 month journey.

Emma manages to surprise me daily, with all the things she can do and say. She can sing along with most kid songs, and she says WOW WOWWWWW a lot when she thinks something is cool, it’s the cutest thing ever!

Here are a few words she can say, in no particular order, I’m just typing as I remember:
Daddy, “Zo” for our dog Zoey, “Zoo” for my mom’s dog Zeus, shoes, head, “show” for shoulders, knees, toes, nose, belly, baby, clean clean, up, down, shoes, bed, round round, town, “what’s that”, “who’s that”, wow, open, shut, clap, hi, bye, tchau, rain, “go away”, anddddd I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but for now that’s all I can remember.

She can sing along and do all the movements to “The Wheels on the Bus”, and she knows what a cow, a dog, a cat, a sheep, a lion sound like.

It amazes me how much she’s learning every single day, for real!

Today I am sharing my favorite pictures from Emma’s Cake Smash Session.
There are so many, but I couldn’t help but pick a ton because in each picture her expressions are so cute and so different!

♥ Thank you so much to Sweet Treats by Julie for the adorable cake.
♥ Thank you to Unicorn Party World for all of the decorations, all the goodies Dee HANDMADE really made my vision of this Minnie Mouse themed shoot come true!
♥ Emma’s Crown is from Alessandra’s Little Bow, Ingrid was able to make us a completely custom Minnie Mouse Birthday Crown and it looked so cute!
♥ Emma’s Romper from the posed pictures before the cake smash is from Bella Festa Crafts, Allison made it just for Emma’s birthday celebrations and it was so cute and comfortable! We also got matching bloomers which she wore to Disney with her Minnie shirt.
♥ Emma’s necklace is from a local business that was selling kids jewelry at the mall.
♥ Emma’s tutu is from Amazon, I got this one.

And last but definitely not least, thank you SO MUCH to Amanda Martin from Lovely Bee Photography, for capturing not only these amazing cake smash pictures, but pictures of Emma’s whole life so far, starting from when we announced her arrival, until now. I am forever thankful for the beautiful pictures I have of my baby girl and our little family! ♥ There are no words to express how grateful I am! ♥

Follow the page break below to check out Emma’s Cake Smash Session!

I hope you enjoyed looking through my favorite pictures from Emma’s Cake Smash session. Which one was your favorite?

Did you do a cake smash session with your little one for their first birthday? What was the theme?! Share with me below. ♥

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