Meal Time With Nuby USA!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite meal time products from Nuby USA.

First up is the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat.
Nuby’s NEW Sure Grip Miracle Mat is flexible, gentle to touch but hard to move and easy to clean! The built in suction grip easily seals to the table top to make self feeding easier.

I use it for snack time with Emma, she loves to throw her Puffs and Yogurt Melts everywhere, especially if they are in a bowl, but since the Miracle Mat has the built in suction grip, she can’t even lift it up!
When she is able to feed herself a little better I am going to take advantage of the sections and put two different kinds of food on each side.

The Miracle Mat is sectioned, it is non-slip, 100% silicone that wipes clean, but is also dishwasher safe! It is BPA free and it also keeps food warmer longer!


Next up is the Nuby Squeeze Feeder with Spoon and Hygienic Cover.
My husband was super excited for this one!

The Nuby Squeeze Feeder is ideal for rice and purees. All you have to do is put baby’s food in the bottle, then gently squeeze to fill spoon.
I love that the food comes out slowly, so you have complete control of how much is coming out.

The Nuby Squeeze Feeder is also perfect for on the go!
It comes with protective cover for easy storage and less waste, and when you are out and about with baby it’s so much easier to have all in one. No need for separate plates or bowls and spoons since the bottle that holds the food has the spoon attached to it.
ThisNuby Squeeze Feeder is another winner in my book!

And last but not least, check out these Nuby Stackable Bowls and Long Handle Feeding Spoons.

These stackable bowls are awesome!!! The bowls come with locking lids, so I love them for on the go. They are wide enough to hold a bunch of snacks, but short enough to fit in Emma’s little backpack that we take around when we go out with snacks and toys.

The long handle spoons that come with them are great too. They scoop up a great portion of food and because of the long handle, Emma is able to hold on to the spoon with me, but still allowing me to have control of the spoon myself.


Emma’s adorable bib is also Nuby! Stay tuned for a post featuring my favorite Nuby Teething Items, including this super cute bib with teether.

Are you a Nuby Fan? What are your favorite Nuby items?
Please share them with me in the comments! 🙂

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