Pineapples for the Summer!

So as much as I love flamingos (and stars, and anchors, and mermaids) I also love pineapples! Before I found out I was pregnant I had bought myself a pineapple dress, and wore it on my 31 Weeks Bump Pic because that’s when baby was the size of a pineapple, haha! I saved that dress for 31 weeks and then I couldn’t even zip it up!

Anyway, it’s summer time so I am super excited to rock my pineapple dress, but now that I have a baby girl, I am taking advantage of it and getting ALL THE PINEAPPLE THINGS!!! for Emma.

Click the links below to find out where to get each item:

Pineapple Tank | Pineapple Bow Wrap | Pineapple Bracelet | Pineapple Swimsuit
Pineapple Shorties | Pineapple Onesie | Pineapple Shoes | Pineapple Shorts

For the pink Pineapple Shorts use code “BUMPTOBABY” for 10% off your order of any items in the shop!

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