I partnered up with Pampers and Walmart to make a promise to my family.
The promise I’m making is to always make fun memories with my family and record every special moment by taking lots of pictures and writing about it!
Nowadays, everything is digital, including pictures.
When my husband and I first started dating, I made him a scrapbook for every anniversary.
Not one of those digital-made books, an actual handmade book with stickers and printed pictures with rounded corners punched out by hand, fun colorful pages, notes from each other, all our movie ticket stubs from films we had watched that year and wristbands/receipts of events and places we had gone together.

Every September 25th my “boyfriend” expected the scrapbooks, and loved them. He always told me how special they were since they were made by me, with my own two hands and creativity.

Flash forward to a couple of years later (we have been together for almost 9) I started getting busier, I was now a college graduate with a full time job. I was taking less pictures, and I had no time to look through pictures to print, and I had even less time to sit and work on pages and pages for a scrapbook, and there went my anniversary tradition.
Let me tell you that the day my 2TB hard drive crashed my heart sunk!
I thought all my pictures were safe and sound, so I didn’t bother to print any for a long time, always telling myself “later, later, I’ll print them later” and out of nowhere this happened to me.
Bye bye 10 years worth of pictures, 10 YEARS! I cried and cried. I called every lab I could find with great reviews and promises of “magic”.
Thankfully I was able to recover most of them ($1,450 later) so I made a point to print out the most special pictures and start scrapbooking again.
(Mind you, this was also after one of my SD cards broke and I lost ALL pictures of Dexter as a little baby, Cooper and Zoey’s first year home with us, birthdays, and pictures of trips I had gone on.)
I love that I am able to look back at videos and pictures and see all the fun memories I made with my family as a child. From school plays, to my first time at Disney, I am so thankful that my parents took the time to capture every moment. And now that I am a parent myself, I want to do the same thing for my kids.
Click “read more” below to find out more about my promise!

I will keep my promise by making it a point to print out pictures and change our picture collages around the house so they are always updated, and also keep up with our scrapbooks and travel journal!

Here’s what I usually use when working on a regular 12X12 scrapbook, you’ll need:
  • A Scrapbook- I like the ones with the 3 rings because they are easier to add pages in or switch them out. Plus, you can have a bunch more pages in there without having to expand it.
    I like this one for a more “serious” look or this one because they offer such fun/bright colors.
  • Scrapbook Pages- Think about what you want your book to look like. Do you want it uniformed with a certain color pattern? Or do you want it to be loud and crazy and fun and have different themed pages for different holidays/events/etc?
    I like this pack because the pages are double sided, and if you want to save money you can actually decorate both sides of one paper! And I love this cute and colorful pack too!
  • Extra Scrapbook Clear Page Protector Sheets- I like these full sized pages for the scrapbook paper pages to fit in, but sometimes if I just want to add a sheet of pictures I use these 4X6 pocket pages.
  • Scissors- I really like EK Tools scissors. They have these awesome precision-cut scissors, and if you’re looking for fun cuts, these cut pictures and papers into fun shapes.
  • Glue Sticks- I love these Elmer’s Craft Glue Sticks because they really glue well, and actual liquid glue is too messy, it sometimes morphs pictures or cut outs and it takes forever to dry! I personally never ever use them.
  • Stickers- Depending on what you are scrapbooking, that’s how you’ll go about buying stickers. I really like this colorful letter pack, and of course this emoji sticker pack, because if you’re printing pictures, why not bring those emojis out of your phone too? Haha!
  • Printed Pictures- So I have a FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 that I love! I love that the pictures print right out, and I love the “old look” it gives the pictures. And while I use my FujiFilm Instax Mini 8…Well, I’m a bit of a cheater, I’ll admit. I bought the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer along with some packs of the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film and I print some pictures from my phone, or even pictures from my camera so they can have that cute look, and that’s what I made my pregnancy scrapbook with, all little Fujifilm INSTAX Mini pictures.
    Of course, you can just print the regular 4X6, 5X7, etc sized pictures, but for this one project I’m sharing, those are the pictures I used. Pictures that I either took with my FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 or pictures that I took with my phone or camera and printed using my Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer.

So for a quicker book, I wanted to share this little easy scrapbooking project with you all.

I used:

Project Life Small Album | Baby Bump Journal Pack
FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 | Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film
Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer
Pregnancy Stickers – Purchased at the craft store, I found some HERE and HERE.

I printed out my weekly bump pictures, that I only had digital copies of, and put them in the book and decorated them with stickers and little info about my pregnancy. So easy!

Another important promise I’m keeping to Emma, and all my future babies, are that I will always make sure to buy what’s best for them, and that includes diapers!

Great diapers are so important, because you don’t want your baby to get a bad rash or leak everywhere! So we use Pampers Premium Care Diapers.

You can find Pampers Premium Care Diapers at Walmart.
The things I love the most about Pampers Premium Care Diapers are that they are a top tier, high quality diaper. Their diapers are 5 Star skin care!


They are hypoallergenic, have wetness indicator, that you can see in the photo above, the little line turns blueish. I love that I can just look at Emma’s diaper and easily be able to see if she is wet or not.


They also have an unique absorb away liner. Can you say no blowouts?!


They breathable inside & out, and have extra absorb channels.
Absorb, absorb, absorb. That is exactly what a diaper should do!

We just love Pampers Premium Care Diapers!


And just to show how long Pampers has been in my family, look who it is, 20-something years ago:

YUP! That is me, as a baby, in the 80’s, rocking the Pampers diapers too!

So, what promise do you have for your family?
What is your #MothersPromise?
Make sure to leave them in the comments for me to see!

You can find Pampers Premium Care Diapers at Walmart.

* This is a sponsored post. I was sent a gift card to Walmart to purchase Pampers Premium Care Diapers to write a review and give my own honest opinion about their product. *

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