Potty Training With Pampers Easy Ups

I cannot believe that we are trying to potty train over here!

While we are not ready for regular underwear yet, we are using Pampers Easy Ups to help us get started.

Pampers Easy Ups are so easy to pull up and down just like real underwear, which makes running to the potty a breeze! 🙂

Pampers Easy Ups look, fit, and feel like real underwear, and the Hello Kitty designs make Emma extra excited to wear them!

This year, Pampers Easy Ups were awarded the 2017 Best New Product Award, voted on by 10,000 parents who tried and chose it as the best. Make it 10,001 parents because I agree! 🙂


I keep Emma’s Easy Ups in the bathroom, right next to our favorite Pampers Sensitive Wipes. I like to have them within reach so after Emma goes to the potty I can clean her up and put a fresh Easy Up on!


Emma is so excited to be a “big girl” and wear what she likes to call “Hewo Kitty Cat Undiwear”! And although Pampers Easy Ups aren’t technically underwear, they have a 360° stretchy waistband for an underwear-like fit that’s easy for your toddler to pull up and down. Easy Ups are also very soft, like cotton underwear. And in case you have to tear the Easy Ups off, they tear easily at the sides.


One of the features I love about the Easy Ups is that they are the only training underwear with Pampers exclusive Extra Absorb Channels™, which provide outstanding protection against leaks during the day AND night and Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ around the legs that prevent the leaks that can happen when they are on the move.

I’m so glad to have Pampers Easy Ups (and Dum Dums lollipops) to help me with potty training. I’ll have to keep you updated on how things go over here! 🙂

Do you have any tips and/or tricks when it comes to potty training? I’d love it if you could share them with me below!

This post is sponsored by Pampers but all opinions are my own.

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