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I’ve said it so many times, bath time is a favorite at our house! So of course I am always looking for the best products to use with Emma, and now Owen too.

The first Natemia product I ever got was their Hooded Bathrobe. I loved that it had cute little ears on the hood, and I was very excited and curious to try out the bamboo texture.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how SOFT the hooded bathrobe was! Right then I knew that I needed the rest of their bath time products!


Emma LOVES wearing her hooded bathrobe! Not only after the bath, but around the house, and after she gets out of the pool too!

So, why Bamboo? Well, Bamboo is hypoallergenic, bacteria resistant and is very easy to wash. It’s resistant to odors too. Bamboo is perfect for babies with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

I ended up getting the Bamboo Washcloths and the Bamboo Hooded Towel, and they were just as soft as the bathrobe. 🙂


I use the washcloths during bath time, but also to clean up spit up. Owen is still little so he tends to spit up after feedings, it’s nice to have these washcloths handy. And because of how soft they are, I know that the constant wiping of his little face won’t irritate his soft baby skin. Bamboo baby washcloths last longer, even with daily use and washing.


The hooded towel is large and it absorbs water three times as fast as ordinary cotton, so it dries baby quickly while also keeping her warm and cozy. 🙂 And I love the little ears on the hood too!

Natemia products are adorable, great quality items and definitely my favorite!

We also own their Extra Large Bamboo Swaddles and their cute bibdanas too!

Make sure to check them out, I promise you’ll love them! 🙂

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