Vooks – Storybooks Brought to Life

Today I wanted to share my new favorite find – Vooks!
Vooks is the first ever streaming service that brings children’s books to life with animated illustrations, read-a-long text and narrated story.

Being a teacher I was so excited to find Vooks!
I love that they have both new and classic children’s stories available.
There are so many books that I used to read to my class, and it reminds me of my time in the classroom.
I am so happy to be able to share those same stories with my kids today, thanks to Vooks.

I downloaded the Vooks app on the kids’ iPad as soon as I found out about them, and they have been loving it!
The way  Vooks brings stories to life is amazing! Both Emma and Owen enjoy listening to the stories and watching the pictures come to life.

I love the different categories that are available, like “Be Kind” where you can read books about kindess, “Dream Big” where you can hear books about big dreamers and more!

The narrators in the Vooks app do an amazing job reading the stories!
They change their voice and tones to show excitement, fear, happiness, sadness, and more – it’s so cool to watch my kids go through the emotions with each character as the narrator tells their story.
I think that great narration is so important when storytelling – especially when those stories are being told to young children, who lose interest so quickly.

Our favorite category so far has been the Preschool section.
Having two little ones, I like being able to cut down the long list of books to a smaller selection, and let them choose age appropriate stories that I know they will enjoy!

I love that Vooks is about creating better screen time, Vooks is a trustworthy and safe streaming platform – adults can know exactly what their kids are watching and there are no ads, ever!

Click HERE for 1 month of Vooks on me! And let me know what you think! 🙂
I know you’ll love it!

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