Emma is 4!

My Sweet Sassy Princess,
I can’t believe you are 4!
Where did the time go?!

I told myself that from now on, for every single birthday I am going to write a blog post (or letter) to you and your brother on all your birthdays so that when you two grow up you’ll be able to look back and read about how much you both grew and changed every year, so here we go!

You are amazing.
You are sweet, kind, and HAPPY!
You are seriously the happiest girl I know.
You are definitely kind of dramatic, lol! But you are such a girly girl!

You love the color pink, and you love dressing up in your princess dresses!
You are all girl – rainbows and unicorns and princesses galore!

I wanted a girly daughter so badly, and I don’t even have to work hard on that because that’s just who you are.

You love Disney!
You still love the same rides as always – It’s a Small World, the Safari, Dumbo, etc, and you still love to visit the princesses and characters.
Rapunzel is still your favorite, but you have a new found love for Elena of Avalor.

You love going to play places, and you just love having friends!
Your favorite and best friends this year are the Mias!
We hang out with them the most, so you call them your besties.

You are so smart, girlfriend!
You can spell your name, and other words with similar letters like ELENA! 🙂
You can trace, you can draw faces (that look like potatoes) and you can do a lot of worksheets on your own already!

You like gymnastics and swim school.
You like TOTS – a new Disney Jr. Show, and watching people playing with toys on YouTube.
You like Hatchimals, Barbies, and a bunch of different surprise toys and little tiny toys.

You LOVE to eat Princess Pasta – honestly any pasta!
Pasta is definitely your favorite! But you’re picky with sauces!
You love cheese, and pickles.
You like to drink coconut water and juice.
You like to eat carrots and chips!

This year you rode an airplane for the first time!
You got asked to be a flower girl for 2 weddings.
You tried surfing at the beach.

Year 3 was awesome, and I think that Year 4 will be even better!

I love you so so much my little girl!
You make my life so much better!

I hope you will always be as happy as you are today!

I love you the most,

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