Emma at the Little Princess Spa!

Emma was invited to a Birthday Party at a Little Princess Spa, and it’s safe to say that she had the best time ever!

It was such a cute experience!!!!!

The girls got into robes and got some pink lemonade to cheers.

Then they got split up and each went to do something fun.

Emma got her nails done first! She picked a light blue nail polish with gold glitter.

After her nails, it was her turn to get a mini facial.

She got some face lotion and cooling cucumber eye covers!

After her facial it was time for makeup!

She chose a dark purple eyeshadow haha! I was surprised, I really thought she would have picked a light pink color!

Then it was time for a fashion show! All the girls changed into matching fairy outfits, they got to run down a walk way and strut their stuff!

The fairies announced each girl by name, and told us a little something about them like their favorite color and what they wanted to be when they grew up!

Check out those poses!!!

While the girls went to change back into their outfits, a whole tea party was set up for them!

Each girl got a hat, pearls, a glove, to wear, and then enjoyed some apple juice (tea) and frosted cookies.

How freaking cute?!

The day ended with some musical chairs and dancing!

Emma had the best time, and now she wants to have her birthday party there too!

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