Let’s Make a Deal

Last year Jaime made a “deal” with Emma.He said that she could turn 3 if she promised to never ever ever turn 4.Flash forward to this year, as her birthday was approaching he teased her and said she wasn’t going to turn 4 because of the deal they made the year before.Her birthday comes and of course, she turns 4! So they make another “deal” – 4 is it. She cannot be 5!Today we are at our hotel after a long morning followed by a long evening at Disney. Emma and I were taking a shower, she was messing around and hit her mouth on the handicap rail in the shower and got the tiniest little chip on her tooth. You literally would not even notice if I didn’t tell you.

She’s of course upset, she hit her tooth, it hurt, mix that with zero nap and a long day – you get a very sad little girl.

Daddy tries to make her feel better and tells her – “You’re going to lose all your teeth anyway and get new ones when you get bigger!”

So we explain the Tooth Fairy to her.

Your tooth falls out, you put it under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy comes, takes it, leaves you money, boom.

Well, Emma was SUPER excited! She wanted to know when she was going to start losing her teeth, so I told her probably around the time she turns 6 years old.

As we are getting ready for bed Emma tells her dad – “Daddy, I want to make another deal!” Daddy is listening…

Emma- “Daddy, how about I turn 5, so I can turn 6 and then I’ll stop at 6, ok?”

Daddy- “Why would I let you do that?”

Emma- “Because I have to turn 5 so I can turn 6 and get my new teeth!”

Daddy- “Oh no! A deal is a deal! You’re staying 4 forever!”

Cue the tears!

Of course, I explained to Emma that she WILL turn 5 next year, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then 10 and live to be 100+ years old!

She wiped her tears, smiled at me, asked for her bedtime music and is now sleeping next to me.

I love how excited she gets about things like losing her teeth a couple of years from now so the Tooth Fairy will come see her.

I love that she believes that we can actually prevent her from growing up – ugh how I wish this was possible!

I love this age. I love this girl.

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