The First Broken Bone

Owen broke his finger!

I always knew this kid would eventually break a bone.. He is WILD!
But I didn’t think it would be at 2 years old, and I DEFINITELY didn’t think it would be at Disney, lol!

I was in line at The Ticket Center inside Magic Kingdom, and Owen got out of his stroller.
He started messing with the rope that creates the line queue and the posts holding the rope weren’t secured into the ground, so one of the posts fell and he started to cry.
I didn’t see it happen as I was in line, so I had my back to him but we heard the crash and by the time we got him he had already pushed everything off of him and just told us that he had a “boo boo”.

Owen cried a little and asked for a band-aid – that was it.
We immediately took him to the First Aid they have inside the park, there the nurse looked at his finger and just gave us some ice.
We left to go back to the hotel, he wasn’t crying or complaining, just seemed happy with the ice so we let him take a nap.
We woke up, saw his finger was a bit swollen but since he wasn’t crying or complaining, he could bend his finger so we assumed he had just gotten it stuck on the rope and pulled it off so it hurt him a bit.

We went back to Magic Kingdom to do the Halloween Party, Owen again, did not complain about his finger so we just enjoyed the night.
He had a blast! He even used his hurt finger to open candy lol!

The next morning we woke up and his finger was still swollen and now a bit black and blue, so we took him to the closest Urgent Care with an x-ray machine to get him checked out.

We saw the x-ray and saw that he had broken his finger, so we are assuming that the post actually fell on his finger, and it wasn’t the rope after all.
The way it broke, it really looks like something smashed into his finger – which could only have been caused by the post falling on it.

We took him to the Children’s Hospital ER where they did more x-rays and wrapped him up with a soft cast due to the swelling.
He didn’t complain once, was amazing for all the doctors – such a trooper!
I cried more than he did throughout the whole thing!!!

We got back home, visited his pediatrician to get a referral to a local ortho and on Monday this big boy will get his hard cast!

We are so shocked at how chill he has been over the whole thing.
The only complaint he has had was over the fact that he wants the cast off.
Besides that, he doesn’t even touch it or act bothered!

My Superhero Baby!

I hope I never ever ever have to deal with another broken bone in my life! šŸ™

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