Nick Slime City

We were invited to Nick Slime City and we had so much FUN!

Growing up watching Nickelodeon I must admit that I ALWAYS wanted to know what slime felt like, and I definitely dreamed of getting slimed one day, knowing that it would probably never happen because I’m not a celebrity lol!

I don’t want to spoil all the fun so I am going to try to give you a full review but keeping some of the details off, and some room photos secret so that you can go see it all for yourself – trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the fun!

The first thing I immediately loved about Nick Slime City is that they split you up into groups and take only a few people in at a time, meaning that while you walk around each room there aren’t a ton of people around and you’re able to enjoy each thing and take as many photos as you want without having to wait your turn or having all these random people in the background of your photos.

You go in and you watch a video to learn a little bit about what you’ll be seeing and doing, and then the fun begins!

Right away you can see and touch slime! I was sooo excited, I stuck my hand right in, lol!
The slime, as you can already guess is.. SLIMY! But the perfect consistency!

After the initial room you go to “Slime Beach” where you get to run around and play.
This was definitely the kids’ favorite part!

Here are some photos without spoiling all the fun:

After Slime Beach you get to go to a Glow Party, write on walls and dance around!

There are many photo opportunities all over the place.

The best part – YOU GET TO GET SLIMED!

They provide a poncho so you don’t get messy, and you go with a group.
Owen likes to run around so I kept him with me!

Emma was NOT happy about it lol!

I learned that you have the option to do the VIP experience, where you get slimed without a poncho!!!

I was a little hesitant at first because I was worried about getting in the car all messy and slimy, but they told me that I could get a t-shirt at the end, and that they could just cover my pants so that I could sit in my car after getting slimed so I was SOLD! There was no way I was passing up that opportunity… I did it!

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

The slime is so soft and it smells GOOD! 🙂
It felt like conditioner in my hair haha.

I was so excited, definitely an experience I will never forget!
If you’re an 80’s or 90’s kid, I HIGHLY recommend the VIP Slime Experience, can you say nostalgia?!

Once you’re done getting slimed, you get to MAKE slime to take home!
The slime is of course green, but you get to put different things in your slime to make it extra cool.
They have glitter, foam and more!

Thank you SO MUCH Nick Slime City for inviting us!
We truly had the best time! I am seriously considering going back for Round 2 of some VIP Slime experience, haha!

And thank you to our AMAZING ambassadors Karyna and Ariana for making our experience wonderful!
They were both so great with the kids, patient, kind, fun, and they took such great care of us. 🙂

Click HERE to purchase tickets and experience all the Nick Slime City fun!

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