Owen is a Junior 1 Swimmer!

After months and months of swim classes at Goldfish Swim School, Owen is finally moving up again!

He graduated from a Mini 3 to a Junior 1 – hooray!

Owen started at a Mini 2 level and almost immediately moved up to a Mini 3, but it took him a little longer to move up this time because he had such a hard time keeping his face in the water! To be honest, he STILL doesn’t like it – but he does it! 😛

Yesterday was Owen’s last day in the Mini 3 Class, and it was also his teacher Mr. Garrette’s last day at Goldfish Swim School! 🙁 I really wanted to cry!

We all love Mr. Garrette so much and we will miss him dearly!
He is so kind, so patient and truly the reason why Owen has had such an amazing experience at Goldfish Swim School.

Thanks to Mr. Garrette Owen has become a better listener.
He’s more respectful and follows directions, swim classes have been so great for him!

As sad as I am about losing Mr. Garrette, I am super excited because Owen will be swimming with Ms. Tatiyana now!
Ms. Tatiyana is Emma’s old teacher, and she is Emma’s favorite! 🙂

Another great thing about Owen moving up is that he will be moving up with his little friend Luci who he loves! 🙂
Those 2 are so cute, I can’t handle it.

We love taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School!
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