St. Patrick’s Day 2020

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 was SO FUN!

There’s so much going on in the world right now and I feel so LUCKY to have these two.
Because of them I’m staying calm and trying to keep our days sort of normal, and that included giving them a special day today – doing all the green and rainbow things! 🌈💚⁣

The Leprechaun came and brought the kids Lucky Charm Cereal, Lucky Charm Marshmallows and Lucky Charm Cookie Dough for us to bake cookies!

He also brought the kids some canvases and rainbow paint for them to make their own rainbows for us to hang up and decorate the playroom!

He left little foot prints all over our living room floor leading the kids to their golden baskets filled with their goodies!


The kids loved decorating their Play Kitchen and dressing up in green!
They each had multiple outfits because I bought some, then forgot I had them, so I bought other ones, then I found cuter ones.. You know how it is – lol!

The Lucky Charms Cookies were DELICIOUS!!!
Oh my gosh, seriously SO GOOD!
They tasted exactly like the Lucky Charm Marshmallows that you can find in the cereal.

I’m happy that The Leprechaun bought 2 packs of cookie dough because I saved one for later!
I feel like I can recreate these! Just need plain sugar cookie dough, and then I’d take some marshmallow pieces out of the cereal box, break them up a little and mix them into the cookie dough.

We had such a good day! This is just the beginning of Social Distancing, thanks Coronavirus… Jaime still has to go into work for now, but the kids and I are staying home.⁣

Thankful for our home and the fact that we are able to have a Playroom for the kids – it’s definitely making staying home easier on us. 🌈⁣

Sending everyone lots of love! 💚

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