Favorite at Home Activities From Melissa & Doug


Melissa & Doug is a brand I have loved way before I had kids!
I started my teaching career teaching 2 year olds, then teaching VPK – where I had many Melissa & Doug products in my classroom.

Now, as a mom, I love the brand even more and so do my kids!
Because of everything that’s going on nowadays with Social Distancing and Quarantining, I’ve had to make sure to keep the kids busy and happy since we can do our usual weekly playdates, classes or even enjoy going to the park.

I have selected my Top 10 Favorite Melissa & Doug Activities to do at home that have helped keep the kids having fun.
Most of these items I already owned, and some I purchased recently to use at home with the kids.

Here we go!

These reusable sticker pads are awesome!
The kids love them and love to make different scenes.
With many different themes to choose from, Emma’s Favorite Pad is the Princess Castle and Owen loves the Under the Sea Pack!
They have so many different themes to choose from – from the Adventure Set linked above, to a fun Dress Up set, to the cute Savannah/Jungle Pack to the Farm, I’ll admit that I even play with them too, haha!
Does your kid LOVE Dinosaurs? They have a pad for that! Or a daughter who wishes she could be a fairy? They have a sweet Fairy set too!
They seriously have a set for every kid!

These Make-a-Face Sticker Pads are HILARIOUS!!!! The stuff the kids come up with crack me up!
They have different themes to choose from.
Emma loves the Princess Set, and while Owen really likes the Animals Set, I think we can all agree that the funniest set is the Funny Characters Set!

The Puffy Stickers Play Set is perfect for traveling because it’s much smaller than the bigger reusable sticker pads.
The kids love the puffiness of the stickers.
They have lots of different sets available of course, here are some:
Ocean | Princess | Dinosaur | Vehicles
They also come in sets of 3:
Wild Adventures Pack | Safari/Pirates/Farm Pack | Dress Up/Princess/Mermaid Pack
And they even have books – like this Day of Glamour Set and Careers Set.

This Sand Art Bottle Set is so fun! The kids will definitely need supervision though so they don’t make a mess.
You can use the finished product for decoration, but I advise putting it somewhere where the kids can’t reach, haha!

This Seek & Find Pack is so much fun!
Emma loves finding all the hidden images and placing the sticker over them.
Owen likes it too, but he definitely needs a little guidance and help.

This sweet Heart Box set is adorable! Emma loved being able to make a little box to keep her play jewelry in.

I’m LOVING this Safe Scissors Set because it’s so good for motor skills.
The kids have been learning how to use scissors, which is something I had been nervous about them doing, so I’m happy that they’re learning scissor safety while also working on an important skill!

Owen lovessssssss Superheroes so he was super excited to create his own Superhero Accessories and Mask!

These Water Wow Pads have been around in our house forever!
They’re so awesome and reusable, which I love.
They’ve been perfect for traveling and now they’re perfect for some quiet time!
A few tips – don’t fill the pen/brush all the way with water, and for the pages to dry faster, spread them apart and stand the book up sideways! 🙂
Here are some of our favorite pads and sets:
ABC 123 | Fairy Tale | Farm/Safari/Ocean

The stamp sets have been a hit over here!
I like the ABC 123 one for Emma since she can spell words now, it’s been fun to switch things up and have her spell out words by stamping them instead of writing them.
She also really loves the Fairy Garden Set, while Owen prefers the Vehicles Set and the Dinosaurs Set.

I hope you all enjoy these toys and Melissa & Doug Activities to do at home as much as my little ones have been enjoying them!
Hopefully they’ll help make Social Distancing a little easier on them, and you!


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