Rae Dunn Collecting

So last December I gave into the madness and started collecting Rae Dunn!

Oh, my gosh, it’s such an expensive hobby!
I also hate the fact that Rae Dunn pieces can only be found at stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s so it’s basically you see it, you like it, you better buy it cause it’s probably not going to be there when you go back!

I’ve only been collecting LL Items – or, large letter items, where it’s just simple, black font words in all caps.
They’re super cute and I was able to redo my whole kitchen! I really love the look!

My favorite pieces have to be the canisters! I even bought a little shelf and made a coffee station – even though I don’t drink coffee – haha!
So ridiculous right?! But hey, it’s home decor! 😛

I’m happy with my new hobby, even though my wallet isn’t!

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