Owen’s PAWesome Party!

Owen’s 2nd Birthday Party was amazing!
He had such a good time and so did all his little friends! 🙂

We had his party at a local play place for kids, one that we go to very often.
I knew it would be the perfect place to host his party at because he loves it there so much!

Owen’s Party was full of his favorite things, from the theme, to the food, it was definitely Owen’s Party!

The theme was Paw Patrol, and we even had Chase show up to help us sing Happy Birthday!

MDC Art Studio designed and printed the most gorgeous banner for Owen!
We got so many compliments! It helped make his cake table extra pretty! 💙🐾
Owen loves it so much and we plan on hanging it up in his room!!!

Sea and Suns sent us some adorable matching family shirts!
If you know me you know that I’m always matching the family haha!
So much that hubby is already used to it and doesn’t even complain!
Even Emma LOVED her shirt and kept telling everyone that she was the Sister Patrol! Haha!

To keep the theme going, Paw Patrol Pouches sent us a box of each of their yummy pouch flavors to give out to our guests and they all loved it!
We kept some extras and Owen has been loving snacking on them!
They are delicious and organic, and the fact that they have our favorite pups on their package makes the kids even more excited for their pouch treat!

Our local and favorite Chick-fil-a Store – Davie North HOOKED us up!
They sent all the food for the party!
Can you believe that some people had never had Chick fil A before?!?! 😮
Well, now they’re hooked! 🐔
I got so many compliments on the delicious chicken, Waffle Chips and yummy fruit platter!
We barely had any left over to bring home haha, the food was a hit!

We are so thankful for Felix and Sayuri for working with us and sending Owen his all time favorite food for his party!

Check out some sweet pictures of the Birthday Boy having fun below!

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