Park Avenue Gymnastics

Emma and Owen got to try out gymnastics classes at Park Avenue Gymnastics and they had SO MUCH FUN!

We have been going to Park Avenue Gymnastics’ Open Play with our friends since I was pregnant with Owen – their facility is big, clean, and super fun!

Both kids were so excited when I told them that they would be doing some gymnastics classes, and they immediately loved class.

Emma was enrolled in a Preschooler Class with Ms. Karyn and Owen in a Toddler Class with Ms. Shannon.

Both teachers are so amazing, patient and kind. The kids loved them so much, and always talked about them!

All the teachers at Park Avenue Gymnastics are wonderful!
I love that the class size was small enough so each child got a one-on-one experience, and their teachers always had a co-teacher or assistant with them to help out with the little ones.

One of the big reasons I wanted the kids (especially Owen) to start doing classes was for the discipline and structure.
Owen is a great kid, but he definitely likes to have his way and has a hard time listening sometimes. Gymnastics classes helped him become a better listener, and the fact that Ms. Shannon is such a sweet person definitely helped a lot! She was always very kind to him even when he wasn’t being a good listener.

Gymnastics is a great way for your little ones to develop cognitive skills, strength and coordination, which were just some of my other reasons for signing the kids up.
Emma tends to be a little bit… clumsy, lol! So having to balance and walk on bars definitely helped her out a lot!

Most of all, I wanted the kids to have FUN!
And oh man, did they have so much fun!
The classes were the perfect amount of time to keep all the kids entertained while learning, which to me is so important when they’re little.

Park Avenue Gymnastics has a HUGE gym floor, and a smaller room where they teach Mom & Tot Classes and the Toddler Class in which Owen participated.

Park Avenue Gymnastics is a family owned school with 2 locations in South Florida.
They have been open for over 35 years with the same management.

At Park Avenue Gymnastics you can find a variety of classes for both girls and boys of all ages and skill levels from Mom & Tot through Competitive team.
They offer classes in Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline.

Make sure to follow along all the fun at:

And if you are interested in signing up your little one(s) for gymnastics classes, Park Avenue Gymnastics is definitely a great option, and who knows, maybe your little one(s) will even be in class with Emma or Owen! 🙂

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