Owen is 3!

Baby Boy,


I can’t believe that my “baby”, my youngest is a 3 year old!

Watching you grow is bittersweet because of course I’m happy that you’re healthy and growing and thriving, but the older you get the more I miss you being my little baby.

You LOVE PJ Masks and PAW Patrol.
You love playing with your toys so much!
You also like Buzz and Woody!

We put a mat with tracks in your room along with a little storage unit thing with your favorite toys and you like to spend some time in your room just playing.

You love to snuggle with your Mommy who you sometimes call Mom now – ew.
You’re almost fully potty trained – I say almost because you still have accidents when you’re distracted!
Sometimes you don’t want to stop playing to go to the bathroom lol.

You are SO SWEET! Seriously the sweetest.
You tell me you love me 100 times a day and it never gets old.
You give everyone kisses and hugs all the time – you’re super affectionate.

You’re still the worst when it comes to food, it’s seriously a headache trying to feed you.
You could eat candy all day though, you have such a sweet tooth!
You love Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) and pancakes.
Every morning when I ask you what you want for breakfast you tell me pancakes LOL!
You also love yogurt and you just got into pouches again.
Apple Sauce and Pirate’s Booty are some other favorites!
You loveeeeeeeee chocolate!
Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Cake, Brownies..

You love getting dressed.
You used to be sooooo picky about your clothes!
Thankfully you calmed down a bit but you still demand an entire outfit – shirt, pants & shoes!
You love character pajamas the most!
And you also love dressing up in costumes.

You’ve been to Disney more times than any other little dude I know!
Your favorite ride is The Haunted Mansion AKA Spooky Ghosts thanks to your sister.
You love meeting the princesses and you always flirt with them!
You give them kisses and hugs and you love to play hide and seek with them.
You also like “Finnick” AKA Figment lol.

You had your first haircut at Disney and you did SO GOOD!!!!
You look like a 15 year old and although you look extra handsome it makes me sad because you don’t look like my little baby anymore.

You broke your first bone!
You were such a trooper and you did an awesome job throughout the whole process!
Getting your finger and hands x-ray’d a bunch of times and getting your cast on then getting it removed.

You were a Ring Bearer TWICE!
In Natalia and Erick’s Wedding and then in your Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brian’s Wedding.
You surprised me at how well you did both times walking down the aisle.
Definitely the cutest little Ring Bearer I have ever seen in my life!!!

I can’t believe how much you did in your 2 years and I know you’ll be doing so much more this year.
I’m so thankful, lucky and blessed to be your mama.

I love you so much!
You are my SONshine.


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