“I Want To Marry Mommy!”

Last night Owen wanted to sleep in my bed with me.

He got SO MAD because we didn’t let him.

Emma was staying at my parents’ house and every time one kid stays at the grandparents’ house, we allow the kid who stayed home to have a “slumber party” in our room – we get their mattress, put it on our bedroom floor and let them sleep there…

Well, that wasn’t enough for Owen last night! He wanted cuddles, and he wanted them from his mommy!

After hearing “no” over and over again from his dad, he broke down crying and started to complain to his dad that it’s not fair that he married his mommy, and that HE wants to marry his mommy so he can sleep with her (me) every night! LOL!

He ended up falling asleep on his mattress, on our bedroom floor, but managed to make his way into our bed at around 4am. And you bet he pushed his dad aside and pulled my arms around him.

He woke up this morning still complaining to his dad though, saying that he wants to marry me. LOL!

I love my sweet boy!

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