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Easy cleaning is what I love so when I heard about the Shark VACMOP I was instantly interested in getting my hands on one, and let me tell you – the VACMOP did not disappoint!

With two young children and two active puppies who get into messes, having a trusty cleaning gadget is a must over here! I am constantly cleaning, including vacuuming and mopping every single day.

I’m vacuuming up pet hair and messes they bring inside, plus all the mess the kids make all day  every day (including play sand and dried up Play-Doh), and then mopping up all the sticky messes!

My favorite part about the VACMOP is that it’s both a vacuum and a mop! It makes cleaning up so much easier! With the touch of a button, I have Shark’s powerful vacuum suction to pick up any debris or dirt on the floor (that other cleaning pads would push around), then press the spray button to quickly release the cleaning solution (which smells awesome by the way) to tackle stuck on stains and wet messes!

The VACMOP is lightweight – weighing less than 5lbs, and it’s cordless! Which makes moving it around a breeze! I’m a petite girl and the fact that I can just focus on cleaning and not have to take a ton of breaks due to my arms hurting is awesome! Because let’s be honest, half the time if I have to take breaks I get distracted and never finish the job!

The VACMOP pad is AMAZING! The powerful suction vacuums up all types of debris, the dirt chamber within the pad locks away debris for easy disposal with no maintenance – which is so great because all you have to do after cleaning is press the button to release the dirty pad without ever having to touch the mess.

I was so shocked and surprised at how much stuff the pad can hold! I cleaned my floors multiple times before having to switch it! That’s awesome because it minimizes the times I have to purchase replacement pads. The VACMOP pad is the first disposable pad to lock away debris after it’s vacuumed up directly into the pad. With 4 absorbent layers to tackle wet messes, one pad goes a long way!

Another great thing the VACMOP has is the lights! The powerful LED headlights reveal hidden debris around your home, so no mess stays untouched!

The Shark VACMOP comes with everything needed for a complete clean: 2 disposable pads, and a 12-oz. bottle of VACMOP™ multi-surface hard floor cleaner.

The Shark VACMOP is available for purchase on

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