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When I was creating our playroom I knew that one of the biggest things I wanted was a nice play mat. A play mat that would not only make the floor safe for my kids, but also not make the room look tacky.
Our playroom is really our second living room, so when you walk into our house and look left, you can see it! It’s not hidden behind a door, so while I wanted it to be fun for the kids, I also didn’t want an eye sore for my house, if that makes any sense!

I had some colorful mats for Emma which we used for a while, but they were pink and purple, and the pieces were so small that it was such a hassle to clean! They did the job for a while, but I was just ready for something new. Plus, with a baby boy on the way, I couldn’t have the whole room be girly, so I really wanted a more neutral look.

After a lot of searching around, and wishing that I could just design my own play mat, my wish came true! I found SoftTiles after looking up customized play mats online, and I was instantly in love!


We got this amazing SoftTiles play mat, that I got to create myself!
Like I mentioned above, I wanted our new play mat to be neutral to match the look and feel of the room, so I chose white and light gray for the color scheme.


With SoftTiles you have the option to design your own play mat. There are many colors and shapes to choose from. This is what my design looked like when I built it online: imageI chose hearts and stars for our play mat; hearts for Emma and stars for baby boy. 🙂
The Mat Builder is so easy to work with! You set the size you want your play mat to be, and then have fun picking colors and shapes to add to the mat.

You can even personalize it with your kids’ names or any word you’d like.
Unfortunately, we STILL have not picked a name for Baby Boy, so I wasn’t able to get our play mat personalized with our kids’ names, but you better believe it that when we do pick a name, I am going back to SoftTiles order the extra letter pieces to add to our play mat!
Here is my vision of what our play mat would look like if we added the kids’ names:


I love our  SoftTiles play mat, and we get so many compliments on it whenever someone comes over. I love having playdates at my house because not only does Emma love her playroom and being in there, but Emma and all her friends can play safely on the mat. 🙂 No boo boos over here!

So, tell me! If you were to order your own SoftTiles play mat, what colors and shapes would you choose? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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