New Year – New Room for Emma

Emma had been asking us for a loft bed for over a year.
Her room is pretty small, and we don’t have a lot of space to work with, so I really had to look hard for a loft bed that would not only be the perfect size for her small bedroom, but also nicely made, affordable and of course pretty!
I searched and searched and searched for the perfect loft bed until I finally found Max & Lily on Amazon!

Emma is so in love with her new bed from Max & Lily Furniture!

Emma has the Low Loft Bed, which is perfect for our low ceilings and her small room.
She has the Low Loft Bed in White with the gray curtains, which are easily removable if needed.

The Max & Lily Low Loft Bed was super easy to put together.
My husband and my dad got it all set up in about 30 minutes!
They kept raving about the quality, which gives us all a peace of mind, knowing that our sweet girl will be sleeping on a nice, sturdy, comfy bed!

We kept the whole thing a surprise from Emma, which she was so excited about when she finally saw the reveal!

The Max & Lily Low Loft Bed is 81.5 x 54.25 x 50 inches, truly the perfect size for the small space we had in her room for the bed to go on.

Check out what her room looked like before & after:

She still slept on her crib, which we turned into a toddler bed.
She truly needed a bigger bed, and we are so thankful for Max & Lily!

As you can see on the before picture, we had an 8-Cube set up that took a lot of space from her room and left us unable to completely open one of her dresser drawers because it was so big.
We were able to put it under her loft bed (see photo below) and then we moved her Dress Up Station in it’s place, giving us more room to open her closet door, which is next to her bed.

Switching up her beds definitely gave us so much more space in her tiny room!

One of my favorite things about Max & Lily is how many different bed they have available, making it so easy to find the bed that works best for you and your space.
From Low Loft Beds, to Regular Loft Beds, Bunk Beds, House Shaped Beds and much more, with a ton of different accessories and additions like stairs and slides, Max & Lily is a one-stop-shop for all your kiddos’ bedroom needs!

Now Owen is jealous, so we will have to figure out his Room Makeover next!

Thank you again so much to our friends at Max & Lily for making Emma’s Bedroom dreams come true!

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