Emma’s First Time at The Children’s Museum

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and it makes me extremely sad, so I have been trying to do as many fun things with the kids as I can.

That also means spending individual time with each little one. 🙂

While Owen is satisfied just spending a lazy day cuddling with Mommy, Emma likes to do fun things!

We have had countless play dates, but I also like to take her places.

Yesterday I finally took her to this Children’s Museum by the house after one of my friends invited us to join her and I am so glad we went.

I wish I took my camera! Get ready for some bad (but adorable) iPhone shots!

Emma (and I) had such a great time that I ended up getting an annual membership so we can go back all the time!

Emma LOVES to color! I thought it was funny that with all the cool toys around and different things to do at the Children’s Museum she ran to the table with colored pencils and started to draw.


There are so many different rooms throughout the museum, it was so hard to get a lot of pictures though because I kept running after her, haha!


There’s a library in the museum as well, and I took Emma there after we were done playing! She got her own library card and loved picking books to take home for us to read.


We had such a great girl’s day out! I really enjoyed spending alone time with my sweet girl and I know that she liked it too.

I’m excited to go back with her so we can play even more!

What are some fun places to take a toddler? Let me know below!

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