Milk Genie by Pumpables

With summer coming to an end, I will be returning to work in a few days, meaning that this mama is going to have to pump!

I always wanted a light weight, quiet pump that was easy for me to move around, and I definitely found it in the Milk Genie!

The Milk Genie is a super quiet, portable little electric breast pump with inbuilt rechargeable battery – how amazing to not have to be stuck in one spot because of a plug! Makes pumping on the go extremely easy!

The Milk Genie has a double pumping feature, ability to save a pump program to memory, backflow protector to stop milk getting into the pump.

The Milk Genie comes with  tubing, wide neck bottles with measurements that are embedded on the bottle (not just printed on to the bottle to later come off after a few washes).

The Milk Genie set also include a two piece breast shield style that separates into flange and connector. This means it’s much easier to change flange sizes, and will also make it easier to use a pumping bra, which I wear 99.9% of the time while pumping. Can you say hands free?! 🙂

The Milk Genie has backflow protection that sits between the breastshield and tubing, preventing your milk getting into the tubing and causing issues with the pump motor. This is an amazing feature because I don’t even want to talk about how frustrating it is to try to clean a pump tube! Not fun!!!

The Milk Genie has a LCD screen so you can see at a glance your settings, remaining battery charge, and pump program.

It has the Massage Mode for easy letdown – just like your baby, the Milk Genie  has a light, fluttering pump program designed to signal to your body that it’s time to letdown and get each pumping session off to a good start.

I love the Intelligent memory feature, that allows you to easily store and replay your favorite pumping program, so you can chill out and let the pump do the work for you.

The Milk Genie has an adjustable vacuum / speed program setting, where you use the touch button controls to increase vacuum strength, reduce speed or vice versa. Just like your baby, as you increase the strength of the suction, the speed will slow down, and when you reduce the vacuum strength, the pump will speed up. It’s so user friendly!

I love the Milk Genie pump! I am able to easily pump and store milk for my little guy, which puts my mind at ease while having to be away from him at work. 🙂

Do you have to pump too? What are your favorite pumping must haves?
Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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