Lion Country Safari Fun

I am trying to do as many fun things with Emma as I can before Baby Brother comes since I know I’ll be busy for the first few weeks! So, with just 10 days left until my due date, we went to Lion Country Safari with Emma’s friend Gracie and we had SO MUCH FUN!

We got to feed giraffes and Emma was kind of “yuck” about it haha! She didn’t complain but by her face you could tell that she wasn’t so sure about it. She really seemed to like seeing the giraffes that up close though! 🙂

Emma loved the petting zoo, I think that was her favorite part! She was fearless and went right to the baby goats haha. She loved petting them and brushing them, and she kept saying hi to them, haha!

Emma and Gracie are seriously so cute and well behaved. Kari and I are definitely two lucky mamas! Emma loved giving Gracie hugs and kisses and hanging out with her in the double stroller. The 4 of us (moms and dads) couldn’t stop gushing over our cute girls and how sweet they were together. #notsorry

Check out our day below!
Thank you Kari for some awesome pictures of the girls! ♥
I tried to take some pretty ones too, haha! (Click pics to see full size!)


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