First Playdate of the New Year

We had such a fun playdate today! Our very first playdate of the year.
Emma got to meet Gracie and Rowan, and hang out with her old friend Payton. They were all so cute playing together.

The kitchen was definitely a favorite, there was play food everywhere!
We have an ice cream play set which was a hit too, everyone was “eating” ice cream for the majority of the day, haha.

When it was time for a snack break, Goldfish was on the menu. It was so cute to see all the kids share nicely. How big do Gracie and Emma look having snack at the table together? All the heart eyes!

These little ones are not just cute, they’re all super sweet too!
Who would have thought that having an 18, a 15, a 16 and a 10 month old all together could be so much fun?

And us mommies had to take a picture with our little ones too! 🙂
I can’t wait to get all these kiddos back together for another fun day.

Photos were taken by the super talented Kari from Graceful Collective.

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