Dressing Your Toddler for Winter in Florida

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So thankfully winter in South Florida isn’t brutal! No snow, no super low temperatures, just chilly days here and there!

With that said, we do need to “bundle up” some days, so I put together a list of some outfits and accessories I got for Emma. 🙂

I am in love with the baby swing dresses from Old Navy. I bought Emma a bunch of the cotton ones since I found them on sale. They have some prints for just $4! Such a bargain! I even stocked up and bought some dresses one size up. They are light, but because of the long sleeves, they keep her a little warmer than just a t-shirt or short sleeve onesie. They also have sweater knit swing dresses, so I grabbed some of those for cooler days.

Along with the sweater knit swing dress, I grabbed a few pairs of these sweater knit leggings to put under her swing dresses for extra warmth when needed, or just for her to wear as pants.

I got a cute vest, yes, mostly for looks, I won’t deny it, and a super soft little sherpa sweater that I got on sale from Carters on Black Friday.

I don’t know why, but I think little animal ear hats and jacket hoodies are adorable on kids, so I got this cute, simple one from Old Navy. I also found these adorable fuzzy animal socks to keep her little feet warm.

I LOVE moccasins for Emma! They are cute and pretty much the easiest shoes to put on a baby and a squirmy toddler, lol! She has a ton of pairs, but for the cooler weather I got her these fringe boots. Too cute right?! Playing dress up with your daughter is seriously so much fun. ♥

Even though I love living in a warm state, I do enjoy it when the weather changes and gets a little cold, it’s a nice change and we get to dress so cute! I think winter clothes are much cuter than flip flops, tank tops and shorts, don’t you agree?

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