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Baby Boy's 1st Christmas

01 Dec: Baby Boy’s 1st Christmas List

one // two // three four // five // six seven // eight // nine // ten I cannot believe that it’s December! It’s almost Christmas time! It’s also so crazy to think that my little guy is going to be celebrating his First Christmas! How fun is that?! Emma was only 3 months when she had her First Christmas so she didn’t really understand what was going on….

Baby Bag

23 Jan: What’s In Baby’s Hospital Bag? – 2nd Baby Edition

Packing baby’s bag is so much easier than packing my own Mom Bag lol! I looked back at my Baby’s Hospital Bag post of when I had Emma and I was like “Really? That’s it? That’s all I took?!” and honestly, I took everything I needed! I never felt like I was missing anything and…