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I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner!
I put together a list of gifts I liked for Emma.
Some she already has and loves (or I love them haha) so I included them here, and some are on her Christmas list for Santa.

I wrote about this beautiful vintage play kitchen on Emma’s 1st Birthday List post, and I just had to add it again because it’s so pretty! I shared a picture of her kitchen set up and decorated in the playroom and I got so many great compliments! 🙂 I love watching Emma play with her pretend food, she puts them all in her mouth, it’s so funny! I’m not sure if she does that to play yet, or if she really thinks that they are actual food. Either way, it’s too cute to see! This pots and pans set is adorable. She also got this ice cream set for her birthday that she LOVES! She stacks the different ice cream toppings and puts them in the ice cream box and on top of the cones. This ice cream set is super cool because it’s magnetic! So the pieces stick together. So cute! Some things I added to her Christmas list for her kitchen include this cute wooden pizza party set, a wooden cookie set, and these cooking utensils that match the pots and pans set I want for her.

Now that we are in the new house, one of our living areas is being used as Emma’s playroom. It’s one of my favorite rooms of the house because not only is it adorable in there, but I love that the kids will have their own space to play without their things and toys being all over the house. I like the idea of the bedrooms being the place where you go to sleep and relax, so to be able to have a playroom is a huge blessing to me!

Because we have the playroom space, I want to set it up to where it has everything a kid would love! Now that Emma is getting older, I love finding things that will keep her entertained, but also help her learn new things. I added most things to her Christmas list with that in mind. The furniture in the playroom is mostly white and neutral, and I like that look because kid toys are super colorful already! So I feel like colored tables and loud colored plastic play kitchens and easels and rainbow bookshelves would be too much of an eye sore, even being a playroom!

I chose this pretty white easel that has chalkboard on one side and white board on the other so we can practice colors and the ABCs, and also so Emma can start drawing! That’s also the reason why I added the tabletop paper roller with extra roller paper to put on top of her little IKEA table for her to draw on. I found these cool finger crayons, that I know will be a blast for Emma! In addition to the easel, I also included a large magnetic board that I want to hang up on the wall for her to play with magnets.

I’ve seen little teepees everywhere and I’ve been wanting to get Emma one for a while! I found this reasonably priced one, and of course, I like that it’s white. She got a big pop up princess castle for her birthday that she loves, but it’s been at my parents’ house since that’s where she spends most of her weekdays because my mom is the one that watches her while I’m at work, so I think a teepee will be cute for her playroom.

Emma loves books, and as a teacher I love that she loves books, even though reading is something she does mostly with her daddy! I buy her tons of books. When I go to Ross or TJ Maxx or any of those stores I almost always find a book for her. I love the Babylit books! They are super cute and colorful, and educational too! They teach shapes and colors and numbers, even emotions through popular literature, adorable! I got some of them at my baby shower because I had them in my registry, and I also bought some more after Emma was born. I love that they even have one with her name! We have a simple white bookshelf in the playroom, but I really like this neutral one I found on Amazon.

Now that Emma’s room is a “big girl room” ::cry cry::, her glider is out of her bedroom and in the baby’s nursery, so she has more space! I really love this toy box/bench we got for her room to keep some of her toys in. I have cute pillows and stuffed animals that used to be on her glider that I put on top of the toy box for decoration. I like being able to switch up toys she plays with so she doesn’t get bored, even though that hasn’t been a problem for us at all, our girl LOVES to play! 🙂

Speaking of having a big girl, when Emma was born we had these Baby Milestone Cards that we used in some of her pictures, that of course don’t apply to her anymore. Well, guess what… They make toddler themed ones! How exciting! So of course I had to get some for Emma. They have activity cards that say things like “my first time at the beach” or “my first dinner at a restaurant”. Adorable!

Putting together a Christmas list for your kid is so fun!
Am I the only one who feels that way?! I doubt it!
What are some things your toddler loves? I am still looking for more things to add to Emma’s Christmas list, so please let me know below. 🙂

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