Quarantine Pool Days

Social Distancing got us stuck at home, and while it can be boring, we have been having SO MUCH FUN splashing around in the pool almost everyday!

I feel like we have been using the pool more in these last few weeks than we ever have before – lol!

Emma is swimming so well! She’s like a little fish!
Owen has been lazy and only wanting to wear his floaties, but he enjoys jumping into the pool so much and does it basically the entire time.

I hope that after all of this is over, the kids look back and remember all the fun we had in our backyard.
They’re super young, so I know that these memories will most likely fade, but thanks to pictures, videos and this blog, they’ll always be able to re-live it one day! And that was the point of this kind of pointless post – just for the memories!

COVID-19 2020, you’re definitely one for the books!

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