National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Both Emma and Owen LOVE to do art projects.
One of Owen’s most favorite things to do is color!
He needs a little help with painting, but you’d be surprised at how well he does when it comes to letting me paint his hands, or his feet.
He is so focused and into it, and he really pays attention to what I’m doing and making.
He’s the cutest!

This year for “National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day” I decide to celebrate by making art with my littles! 🎨❤️
As a creator myself, there’s nothing better than seeing my little one’s imaginations and creativity shine through.
And even though not all of their art projects come out as I pictured it, they are always imperfectly perfect! ✨

This art project was extremely easy and cheap!
All I needed was two plain wooden hearts from the craft store, the rest I had at home!
A paintbrush, red paint, white paint and a white crayon.

I had the kids paint their wooden hearts red, then after it dried I painted their hands white, put one hand down to make a handprint, then the other hand was positioned to make a heart, and for the final touch I added their names and the year.
BAM! Done! 🙂

Check out how our project came out below.

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