Using a Cricut for my Small Business

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a Cricut has made it possible for me to be a Boss Babe!
I love being able to have a small business and help provide for my family.

I wanted to tell you my story, and hopefully inspire one of you to go after your entrepreneur dreams!

I got my first machine back in 2013 and started making personalized items for family and friends; it quickly became my side hustle as I taught Elementary School full time.
I loved being able to bring in extra income as I planned a wedding and bought my own house with my soon-to-be husband.
My Small Business started growing and growing, and after many orders and referrals from family and friends to their family and friends, and tons of encouragement from my loved ones, I ended up opening up my Small Shop in early 2014.

I was able to offer many different items – from Baby Shower gifts, to Bridesmaids accessories, to all the personalized cups you can think of!
I loved creating so much! It made me so happy!

2 years after I opened my Small Shop I became a mom for the first time!
I had to close up my Small Shop because being a mom was the only thing I wanted to do after I got home from teaching all day.
I would still bring out my machine to make special little things here and there, especially for my family and friends, but I was no longer able to keep up with multiple orders.

Fast forward a few years later, my kids are older, and my love for crafting is just bursting out of my heart and I just knew I had to get back to it!
With a new fancy Cricut I quickly got back to work!
I found joy again, being able to help moms announce their pregnancy by making them special onesies, making a little kid’s party extra special with personalized touches, making sure families have the cutest shirts at Disney, and so much more – I am so thankful for being a part of the Cricut Family!

My favorite Cricut machines are my Explore Air2 and my EasyPress2 Machines!
I love them so much! If it wasn’t for my magical machines I would not be able to run a Small Business all by myself!

Let me tell you that if you make shirts, having an EasyPress2 is a MUST!
I have 2 sizes – the 9″X9″ and the 12″X10″ because that way I can press smaller items like baby bodysuits or kids tees, but also large canvas bags or larger adult shirts with bigger designs.

I also highly recommend the Cricut EasyPress Mats, they direct heat to your transfer, remove moisture, and protect your workspace for flawless heat-transfer results.

Speaking of shirts, one of the most popular items in my shop are my Color Your Own Shirts for kids!
I love being able to surprise the little ones with shirts that have their favorite characters on them, and make it even extra cooler when they realize that they get to color their shirt and make it their own masterpiece!

With everything going on in 2020 I even started adding cute face masks to match their shirts!
My favorite part of all is seeing happy little ones with their finished shirts after coloring them!
It’s definitely the cutest thing seeing kids using their imagination and being creative!

Another one of my best sellers are the Teacher Bundles!
I love being able to come up with a “logo” for each teacher, so everything matches and is uniformed.

From a canvas tote bag to a nice cup to keep their water cold (or coffee warm) all day and more, I find myself making these Teacher Bundles basically the entire months of August and September!

Birthday Parties are also a favorite of mine! Being able to customize favors and seeing how happy parents and their little ones get by seeing all the cute little details they can have on their special day is so awesome!
Being able to do the Print & Cut feature on Design Space saves me SO MUCH time!
All I have to do it glue everything together!

Making the Birthday Star their special outfit to match their party theme is also super awesome!
Check out the personalized party favors in the back on the table too!

Another thing that pushed me into opening my Small Shop back up was our family’s love for Disney!
I love being able to make our own matching family tees, and in turn being able to offer them to other families too!
I love having the power to design things exactly as I imagine them – seeing my original idea and designs come to life is such a fulfilling feeling!

Here I am proudly wearing one of my creations!

If you are thinking about opening up your own Small Business, or even just wanting to start creating for yourself, a Cricut Machine will change your life!
It changed mine in so many ways and it has opened so many doors up for me.
I am so thankful for a little machine who helps me be able to stay home with my children while still helping provide for my family.

I would love to help you get started on your journey, so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or if you’re just looking for some encouragement – I am here for you!

I hope that my story has inspired you to go for whatever you’re dreaming of!

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