Back in the Pool at Goldfish Swim School

Swim Classes have been back and the kids have never been happier!
We missed all of our friends at Goldfish Swim Pembroke Pines so much!

Because of everything that has been going on this year, it’s been a little scary to leave the house and do things, but we were ready for some normalcy!
Of course both our family and Goldfish Swim Pembroke Pines have been taking all necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

As soon as you walk into the first set of doors you are greeted by one of the staff members, and they ask you some questions before you’re allowed in any further.
They have plenty of hand sanitizer and even face masks available if you forget yours.

Class sizes are down to 3 kids per class, and only 1 parent per child is allowed in the building to minimize the amount of people present at one time.
Chairs are spaced out 6 feet apart and there are signs all around to remind you and guide you.
Anyone who is not in the pool has to wear a face mask at all times!

Emma swims first, then Owen, so I get to see what it looks like when classes switch, and it’s so nice to be able to actually watch the staff sanitizing every single chair, door handles, dressing rooms and any high touch areas around the building after parents and students leave, as they get ready for a new batch of parents and students to walk in for their class time.
We feel so safe while we are there, and we are so thankful to have a staff that truly cares about the safety of all their students and families.

All the swim teachers wear face shields, and instead of high fives they elbow bump!
They have also added these super cool shields in between each student since they can’t be exactly 6 feet apart in the pool.
I love that it’s clear so the kids can still somewhat interact with each other – that is such an important part of why I take the kids to swim school!
I love that they get to interact with other kids their age, so even though right now we have to be extra cautious, at least they can still communicate somewhat.
There is zero sharing of any equipment between students, when it comes time to grab rings from the bottom of the pool (Owen’s favorite part of class) each student has a different colored ring so they know which one they can grab.

We are just so impressed at how smoothly everything is running over at Goldfish Swim Pembroke Pines, and the kids are so super glad to be able to be back in the pool!

If you are in South Florida and looking to get your little ones into a Swim School, look no further!
Make sure to check Goldfish Swim Pembroke Pines out, and tell them that Emma & Owen sent you.
We love being a part of the Goldfish Swim Pembroke Pines Family!

If you are not in South Florida, make sure to check out to find a location near you!

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