I’m a Minivan Mom!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! 

I’m a minivan mom! After lots of researching and debating, we got the Honda Odyssey! 😄

I’ve had Honda’s all my life and never had a problem – always loved all my cars so I just had to stay in the Honda Family! 😋

All the negotiations, paper work, everything was done over the phone due to this pandemic – no contact! My new car got dropped off and they took the old one away – it was a great experience!

I still can’t believe that I got a minivan and I can’t believe that I got a new car by only seeing photos and videos haha! It’s so crazy to me but hey, times are weird so whatever, right?!

I seriously cannot believe that I have a minivan, haha! But I know that I’m going to love it for our family! Soooo much space! 😁

Can’t wait until our next Disney Trip!!!

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