Affordable Easter Basket Ideas

Due to everything that has been going on and all the uncertainty, I didn’t want to splurge too much on Easter, like I usually do for every holiday – you know me!!! Holidays are my FAVORITE! 💕

So, what if I told you that every single thing in these baskets was less than $1.50 each?!
That’s right! Easter Baskets don’t have to cost a lot to be cute and fun!⁣

Luckily before everything started to happen and we were ordered to stay home I had already started to buy basket fillers for the kids as I saw things I knew they’d like! 🐇⁣

Everything you see in their baskets was found at the Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot – Sunglasses, Candy, Play-Doh, Bathtub Finger Paint and more, I kept things pretty simple but I know that the kids will LOVE it all – and that’s all that matters! 💗⁣

These baskets will be from The Easter Bunny! 💕🐇

So not only does the Easter Bunny bring baskets for the kids, Mommy & Daddy give them one too!
I know, I know, I’m EXTRA! But! They’re only little for such a short time that I take advantage of doing the holidays big until I can’t! 💗⁣

Emma & Owen’s Baskets from Mom & Dad are themed – I love doing themed things lol! This year I went with a Frozen 2 Theme for Emma and a Paw Patrol Theme for Owen! 🐇⁣

Like the Easter Bunny’s Baskets, these baskets were also super affordable to make! 🐇
Each basket cost less than $25 each! Most items were found at either the Dollar Tree or Target and a few things I found on Amazon! 💗⁣

Can’t forget their amazing personalized tags from Chalk Designs By Me – they just help make gifts so much cuter! 💙⁣

I hope you’ll all have an amazing Easter! 💗🐇

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