COVID-19 Life

50 DAYS!

That is how long we’ve been bored in the house and in the house bored!
Coronavirus has definitely kind of turned our lives upside down!

While we are thankful, grateful and blessed for our health, we have definitely been feeling so many different emotions.

We miss our family, we miss our friends, and we miss our normal lives.
One thing that’s been awesome is having Jaime home with us every day! Yeah, he’s still working and basically on a call or in a meeting from 9am-5pm every single day, but just having him here is super nice, and something we will all definitely miss once he goes back to working at his office.

We had to cancel our anniversary cruise, my birthday was spent at home, and next will be Mother’s Day stuck at home too! Blah.

The kids have been taking this whole thing so amazingly! At first the asked almost daily to go to the play-place or to see their friends, but now they’re used to it and know that we can’t.

I haven’t been to the grocery store at all, Jaime goes and I stay home with the kids, in fact, I was home for almost 40 days until I decided to offer Front Porch Sessions to families around the neighborhood.

That has been good because not only does it get me out of the house, but I’ve been getting to know people in my little community – and yes, the extra income has been great too! đŸ™‚

We miss Disney so much – even Jaime has been saying that he’s ready to go back LOL!
Although we don’t know when we will actually get to go again because it’s looking like there are going to be some extreme guidelines to follow, including face masks and we are not about that life down here in the South Florida heat!

Anyway, we have been doing so many arts and crafts, fun activities and playing lots of games too – it has been so fun! I started a little binder for each kid to save all of their coloring pages and stuff from this quarantine life so that they can look back and see everything they colored and made while we were stuck at home.

I wonder if we will make it to 100 days in quarantine.. I hope not!
But here we are, 50 days down… How many to go?!

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