Owen Graduated VPK!

My Sweet Boy! You graduated VPK Today!!!!

I cannot believe that in just a couple of months you will be heading to Kindergarten!
Where has the time gone?!

I’m happy I’m having another baby because I cannot handle the fact that you – my baby for so long – are so grown!

You were so so cute at your show! You did amazing!
Singing all your songs, telling your jokes, and just being an overall superstar!

A lot of the mommies and grandmas came up to me after the show to compliment you and tell me how funny and cute you were – that made Mommy soooo so proud!

What made me even more proud was seeing how much you learned this year!
You aced all of your end of the year tests, scoring the top score in every subject and every section!
You never really showed interest in learning or school before you started VPK, so that made Mommy & Daddy so happy to see how much you loved school and learning!

A huge reason is that you had the BEST teacher in the world!
You truly loved Ms. TK! She was an amazing teacher!
Not only did she teach you how to read and some sign language, she was also sweet and kind, and patient with you, even on your grumpy days, she always knew what to do to make you feel better!

You made so many friends this year like Liam and Christian, can’t forget your Bestie Avery!
You two loved to go to school with matching shirts! You both even got Liam to join you a few times with the matching!

You learned about the Letter People, and how to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
You learned about compound words and a bunch of fun science facts!

When I asked you what your favorite part about VPK was you said when you graduated!

I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do in school these next few years!

The sky is the limit my sweet boy!

I love you so much,

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